Custom Framing



Framing at FLUX changed my life. Best thing I have ever done!



Framing lies at the heart of our business so we take pride in each and every piece that leaves our shop. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards to our customers and even make sure the back of each frame is as professional as the front.

When we frame a piece of artwork we offer a free consultation so that our customers leave with a stylish frame that is exactly right for the work and it’s final surroundings.



Bring your artwork in, choose a mount and we’ll cut and fit it for you. All artwork is secured with archival acid free tape and protected within a cellophane bag.

We have a wide range of coloured and textured mount so feel free to look through our selection.

Smashed the glass in an existing frame or want to swap your perspex for something a bit more substantial? Bring the frame in and we’ll cut and fit you a new piece of glass

Whether you are a restaurant, hotel, school, gallery, artist, or even a multi national company, we have the knowledge and facilities to provide you with the very best printing and framing service.  

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