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Picture Framing

Custom picture frames are made by hand at our shop in central Bournemouth.
Your pictures and memorabilia deserve the highest attention to detail and the best materials. Please feel free to visit us and discuss your requirements.


Gallery standard printing is something we specialise in. Using some of the finest paper stock and inks on the market, our printing has become extremely popular with local artists and designers.


In the front section of our shop in Bournemouth we have artwork for sale from some of our favourite artists. It acts as a great showcase for our framing! We would love you to come and have a browse.


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Flux Gallery


We would love to have you join us for a glass of wine and to meet Joe Webb for an exhibition of his work between 6pm and 9pm on the 23rd September.


Flux have been long time fans of Joe Webb, so when we asked him if he would like to put on an exhibition here at Flux Framing and he agreed we were frankly jumping for joy.

Joe Webb uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera that he has collected to create simple but elegant collages. Webb reimagines the imagery using concise edits, transforming the original scene into something altogether more surreal with a strong message woven within. He tackles subjects such as global warming, war, famine and examines the challenges of living in todays modern world.

The exhibition of Joe’s work will run from 23rd September to the 7th October.